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Tuesday Will Be An Important Day For Browns And Deshaun Watson


 Deshaun Watson #4 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass during the Cleveland Browns mandatory minicamp at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus on June 14, 2022 in Berea, Ohio.
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)


The time for the NFL’s decision on the Cleveland Browns quarterback, Deshaun Watson, is nearly here.

On Tuesday, the NFL will hold their disciplinary hearing over the conduct of Watson.

These hearings are something both NFL fans and the Browns have been not only expecting but also wanting to happen.

While fans are waiting to hear the punishment issued, the Browns want it so they can get past this.

They want to know how long they will be without their quarterback, who they paid a king’s ransom for this year.


Watson Could See At Least One-Year Suspension, Possibly Longer

People are expecting a suspension of no less than one year of the Cleveland quarterback for his misconduct.

With the league pushing for a minimum of one year, there’s a chance the suspension lasts longer than a year.

If the suspension is past one year, it would be the longest ever handed down by the NFL.

However, with Calvin Ridley serving a one-year suspension over betting on NFL games, it would be logical that the NFL gives Watson a longer sentence.

But the question is, will the NFL be willing to do this with his case?


NFL Has Backed Itself Into A Corner With Watson

While everything with Watson is currently allegations, there is an issue with him settling with 20 of the 24 of his accusers.

These settlements raise questions into the merit of him claiming to be innocent.

It also backs the NFL into a corner with him.

However, they can get out of this by doing the right thing.

While Watson is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, him settling cases with accusers doesn’t help him.

It only makes him look guilty in the eyes of NFL fans.

But will the NFL see this the same way football fans do?


NFL Needs Lengthy Suspension Of Watson Based On Their Suspension Of Ridley

With the NFL’s quick decision of suspending Ridley for one year, they now need to suspend Watson for longer than a year.

It’s something that fans are demanding with the Cleveland quarterback.

It would also make sense to suspend him longer based on the severity of the situation with Watson.

However, this case comes down to the decision of an independent investigator and what they deem should happen.

But will this independent investigator demand a lengthy suspension of Watson?


Pressure Is On The Independent Investigator Of Watson Case

With a public outcry for a lengthy suspension, this investigator has a lot of pressure.

While it is their job to decide what happens in this case, they also have to be neutral.

They can’t decide this case based on what the public wants.

The decision needs to be based on facts and evidence.

However, if those facts and evidence point to them handing down a lengthy suspension, it would give the public what it wants.

But for now, Watson, the Browns, and the public will have to wait to see what this investigator decides.

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