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The NBA Is Reportedly Considering A Rule Change


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The NBA recently implemented the coach challenge, taking a page out of the NFL’s book to allow coaches to challenge calls they believe are incorrect.

The rule has proven to be successful, and while it might expose the referees — which is something they definitely don’t want happening — it seems like the NBA is looking forward to making it even better for teams.

According to Chris Haynes, the NBA is reportedly considering adding a second and final challenge if the first coach challenge proves to be successful.

Haynes adds that the new rule could be implemented as soon as in the upcoming season, citing that they could make a test run during the 2023-24 NBA Summer League.

Notably, the league has tried to be more transparent and accountable when it comes to NBA referees, openly sharing those last two-minute reports even if the referees made some mistakes.

Accountability has become even more important nowadays when everybody can pause and rewind games and all the information is out there.

Some fans have even gone the extra mile to research the refs’ personal social media profiles to try and determine whether they’re fans of a particular team, and they keep a meticulous track record of their team’s record when officiated by any given referee.

Props to the NBA for trying and making the game fairer and more transparent, even if it messes with the flow of the game by interrupting it with the challenge.

It’s time we make the most of technology and its perks.

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