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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF October 17 – 2 3, 2022

Hello, Venus! The convivial planet is this week’s all star, making a few influential connections before the weekend. The action kicks off on Tuesday, October 18, when Venus, in your eleventh house of socializing and technology, aligns with her cosmic cohort Mars in Gemini and your partnership zone. As they flow into this heart-opening trine, single Sags could meet your match through mutual friends or a dating app. With the zodiac’s lovebirds sweetly aligned in communicative air signs, you won’t be able to hold back from sharing your opinions, feelings—and a whole lot more! Already attached? This balancing Venus-Mars trine is a great time for expanding your mutual social horizons. Stop thinking in terms of “my” friends and “theirs” and start acting like the power couple you are! If you don’t know someone well, just ask them a sincere question about themselves and watch the conversation take off like wildfire. 

But watch out for unexpected tension on Thursday—from totally out of the blue—when Venus slams into a square with controlling Pluto, which can create the wrong kind of friction. For better AND worse, any moves you make now will get amplified on Saturday, when Venus and the Sun team up on the final day of Libra season and put everything on full display.

The Sun-Venus power duo makes their presence even more palpable on Sunday when they strut arm-in-arm into Scorpio—Venus until November 16 and the Sun until November 22. This is your introspective, even mystical, sector, so if you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to connect with certain friends, this might be your “wakeup call” that it may not happen—at least not for another month. But the silver lining is that once these planets relocate to your meditative zone, you might not be in the mood to socialize for a while. This is your yearly permission slip to bail on any activities that aren’t obligatory and put your own needs and desires first. 


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Even better? If you’ve been racing at warp speed for the last month or so, this cosmic timeout will feel especially auspicious. Don’t let a morsel of guilt creep in. Think of it as a chance to recharge your batteries and reconnect with your muse, who may be wondering where you’ve been of late. Take the time to reflect, process any lingering grief over a breakup or even delve into a very old wound. It’s an opportune moment to work with a therapist, coach or energy worker who can help you navigate those emotional triggers.

Also on Sunday, the miscommunications and scrambled signals of the past four and a half months begin to sort themselves out almost magically as structured Saturn resumes forward motion in your communication sector. During Saturn’s retrograde, essential communiques may have missed their mark by miles. But now you’ll have a chance to assess the damage, rectify the fallout and restore harmony. It might not happen overnight, but with a strong intention—and sustained efforts—you CAN get the team back on the same page.

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