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Former Colts RB Signs With The XFL


XFL banner before the XFL game
(Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)


Phillip Lindsay’s NFL career had some good stops that included the Miami Dolphins, but now he’s headed for a new challenge.

The talented running back plans to keep playing professional football but this time he’s joining the revamped XFL.

Lindsay played for other teams in the NFL before, including the Denver Broncos.

Tom Pelissero reports that Lindsay is joining the XFL’s Seattle Sea Dragons.

However, it’s been proved that a good campaign in the XFL can open new opportunities for players in the NFL, which is exactly what Lindsay is trying to do.

During his career, he had 2848 yards on 637 rush attempts and scored 18 touchdowns in the process.

Besides the Dolphins and Broncos, he also was a member of the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts.

Lindsay is still 28 years old and could make a return to the league if things go well for him in this new XFL adventure.

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