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EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook, Tight Oil Report, And IEA Oil Market Outlook, May 2023


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A guest post by D Coyne

The EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) was published in early May. The report that follows compares World Petroleum Liquids output from the STEO with estimates from OPEC’s Monthly Oil Market Report (MOMR) from


Figure 1

World non-crude liquids

Figure 2

World non-crude liquids

Figure 3

balance of supply and demand for World Liquids - STEO

Figure 4

balance of supply and demand for World Liquids - MOMR

Figure 5

Average of STEO, MOMR, IEA OMR

Figure 6

Future output of oil

Figure 7

World Oil Market

Figure 8


Figure 9

US tight oil output

Figure 10

US tight oil

Figure 11

Permian Basin tight oil

Figure 12

US tight oil minus Permian

Figure 13

North Dakota Bakken NDIC data

Figure 14

Eagle Ford tight oil

Figure 14

Niobrara tight oil

Figure 15

completion rate for US tight oil wells

Figure 16

non-Permian US tight oil output

Figure 17

US tight oil plays

Figure 18

US tight oil

Figure 19

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