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VFLO: My Favorite Dividend ETF For Today’s Accelerating Economy (NASDAQ:VFLO)


open vault door and money dollars coming out.


Please note that this week is the quarterly Master List fundamentals update. Every quarter, after earnings, I update all necessary fundamentals for the DK 500 Master List, which enables valuation-based ratings to operate automatically in real time.

Thus, this is the

ZEUS Charity Hedge Fund

Portfolio Value $1,821,240
Historical Downside Capture 0.6266
Record High Date 4/1/24
Record High Profit $156,576
Below Record Profit $38,928.13
Distance From Record High 2.14%
Total Profit $117,648
Monthly Profit $28,644.70
Weekly Profit

Week 14
% Of Year Done 2024 Weighting 2025 Weighting
26.92% 73.08% 26.92%
Forward S&P EV/EBITDA (Cash-Adjusted Earnings) 10-Year Average (90% statistical significance) Market Overvaluation
14.00 13.46 4.41%
S&P Fair Value Decline To Fair Value
4,948.27 4.22%

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