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Audi talks about electric RS models


Audi RS

The Audi RS models are the high-performance cars in Audi’s lineup, these have always been associated with petrol engines, although this is changing with Auidi now producing a range of electric RS models.

In a recent interview with Audi’s head of design, Marc Lichte, Audi revealed details about what it has planned for future RS models as it celebrates 40 years of Audi Sport GMBH and some of its iconic cars.

Marc Lichte: As a designer and as a performance enthusiast I’m a huge fan of our RS models. The TT RS2 always used to be one of my highlights because, like the production TT base model, it was the first to put the ideas of the Bauhaus art school on the road. Although “less is more” applies to its design language, it does not when it comes to the sheer emotions and joy of driving the car evokes – ensured, not least, by its five-cylinder engine with its special sound. Work on the current Audi RS 6 Avant3 with my team was an unforgettable experience as well. At the time, we uncompromisingly carved the quattro origins into every detail and into every line. Anytime I spot an RS6 on the road today I’m happy to see how consistently we pursued our concept back then.

Audi RS

Lichte: In the future, we’re going to mainly build cars using two platforms – the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform for electric vehicles and the PPC (Premium Platform Combustion) platform for vehicles with conventional powertrains. Based on that, we carefully considered how to continue developing our RS models, going forward. The main question we asked ourselves in that regard: How can we carry the RS genes our customers have been desiring and valuing so far from the IC engine to the electric age and inspire at least as much – or even totally new – enthusiasm with them?

We are looking forward to finding out more details about exactly what Audi has planned for its future RS and performance vehicles, the Audi TT is in its final year of production this year, and its successor will be an EV and we are interested to see what is coming next.

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