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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades: 7 Affordable Shower Curtain Sets Under $20


Shower Curtain Sets

When you need to update your bathroom, one of the most budget-friendly ways to change the look entirely is with a new shower curtain set. Shower curtain sets give you more than just a curtain. By finding the right option, you can get matching rugs and toilet seat covers all in one package. Plus, shower curtain sets don’t have to cost a bundle. If you’re looking for budget-friendly bathroom upgrades, here are seven affordable shower curtain sets under $20.

1. Pretyw Grey Shower Shower Curtain Set


If you prefer a somewhat neutral option that’s still bold, the Pretyw Blue Shower Curtain Set is a solid choice. For just $19, you get a shower curtain with hooks, two rugs, and a toilet seat cover in an intriguing pattern.

The main color is a deep grayish blue, and here are white wavy lines that add interest and dimension. Overall, it’s very dramatic, but the color is neutral enough to work with many other hues, allowing you to brighten up your bathroom with vibrant accessories. That can make updating your bathroom for each season easier, or you can take your cues from the curtain for a classic color palette that works all year round.

However, if you prefer another color palette, Pretyw has plenty of shower curtain sets that deliver. Just be aware that not all colors are under $20, as some are closer to $27. It’s also critical to note that the mats are on the thinner side, but for the price, this is still an excellent option.

2. Krelymics 4 Piece Dahlia Shower Curtain Set


For something colorful that’s still very versatile, the Krelymics 4 Piece Dahlia Shower Curtain Set is a must-see. It comes with a shower curtain, curtain hooks, two non-slip rugs, and a toilet lid cover, and the price is still below $20.

This shower curtain set stands out due to the vibrant colors and intriguing pattern. You get a mix of turquoise, light green, silver, and black, all on a white background. The pattern is floral-inspired, but each dahlia is even, like a mandala.

The rugs come with non-slip backings, making them safer to use. The edges of the curtains are also sewn to provide durability. Just be aware that the rugs aren’t overly large, so they’ll work well in a small bathroom but may be a bit petite if your bathroom is large.

3. MitoVilla 4 Piece Modern Set


With the MitoVilla 4 Piece Modern Bathroom Set, you get everything you need to update your bathroom. It comes with a shower curtain, two floor mats, and a toilet seat cover. Plus, there’s even a set of curtain hooks tossed into the mix, all for less than $20.

Overall, the pattern on this shower set is far more bold and dramatic than you see in most other options. It features undulating lines and a mix of white and light silver offset with black, charcoal, and another color you select, like navy blue, bright orange, or vibrant yellow.

Plus, the pieces offer surprisingly decent quality. You get non-slip backs on the rugs to improve safety, as well as strong seam sewing on the curtain, rugs, and toilet seat cover. Just be aware that the mats are on the thinner side, which, considering the price, makes sense.

4. Yokyhom 3 Piece Bathroom Shower Curtain Set


The Yokyhom 3 Piece Bathroom Shower Set is a colorful option for lovers of rustic styling and florals that’s incredibly affordable. You get a shower curtain with hooks and two bath mats for about $17, which is a solid deal.

The design features bright pinkish-red roses at the base. Above that is the image of a wood-clad wall and the word “Home,” both of which are in grayscale. The leaves and a few other touches are also in gray, ensuring the roses stand out.

However, if pinkish-red isn’t your perfect fit, that’s okay. The “Home” design is available in a few other colors, including blue, green, and purple. There’s also a red option that says “Happy” instead, as well as a few striped designs to consider.

5. XSWPL Beige Leaves Shower Curtain Set


For something a bit neutral but not devoid of color, the XSWPL Beige Shower Curtain Set is a solid choice. You get a shower curtain with hooks, two rugs, and a toilet seat cover, all for under $18.

The base color of this shower curtain set is a light beige, but the leaf design brings in some other hues. You get a mix of earthy reds, yellows, browns, and oranges, as well as touches of subdued greens and blues. As a result, while the pattern is noticeable, it’s not in your face, making it very versatile.

Overall, the shower curtain is usually what shoppers like best, as the other pieces are on the thinner side. Still, it’s an affordable way to revamp your bathroom, so consider giving it a try.

6. HBLife 4 Piece Abstract Marble Shower Curtain Set


If you like marble patterns, the HBLife 4 Piece Abstract Marble Shower Curtain Set is an excellent option, especially with a price near $19. The colors are varied, not unlike watercolor paintings. However, some of the pattern creates the look of veining, just as you see in marble.

There are also several color options available. There’s purple and gold, black and gold, and classic white and black. You can also find a sparkle-like pink with a white marble pattern on the base, giving you the look of glitter without actual glitter.

Each set comes with a shower curtain with hooks, two rugs, and a toilet seat cover. While the shower curtain is sturdy, some feel that the rugs and toilet seat cover are a bit thin. But at the price, it’s worth exploring for the shower curtain alone.

7. MitoVilla 4 Piece Eucalyptus Set


Another excellent option from MitoVilla is the MitoVilla 4 Piece Eucalyptus Bathroom Set. Like the Modern options listed above, it comes with a shower curtain, two rugs, a toilet seat cover, and shower hooks, all without costing more than $20.

With this shower curtain set, you get a lovely natural pattern near the top featuring leaves. The predominant color is sage green, but there are other shades of green to create some variety. The rest of each piece is bright white, which is an excellent option when you want to ensure your bathroom is a bright space.

Overall, the quality is also reasonably strong, particularly considering the price. The curtain is sturdy, and the rugs are non-slip. However, some feel the materials are on the thinner side, so keep that in mind.

Is one of the affordable shower curtain sets your favorite? Do you know of any other shower curtain sets that people should check out? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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