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We thought that you may be interested in the attached press release announcing our recent achievements and exploits in the world of entertainment and Arts. As detailed in the release, we are recipients of various recognition and awards both municipally and internationally. Due to the quality of our service and commitment to client satisfaction, we were presented as the “2016 Best of Metairie Award” the prestigious Metairie Award highlighted our impact on the local community. The head of our outfit has also bagged various leadership awards and recognition: -Candidate of the most prestigious American women’s networking program under the auspices of Professional Organization of Women Excellence -Nominated for the 2019 Professional Who’s Who publication set up by the National Publication and Community of Photographers, one of America’s respected professional publication and personal branding organization, with members who have high standing in society and industry. -The International Society of Photographers inclusion of Mr. Marlon in the International Society of Photographers’ Hall of Fame in recognition of his creativity and versatile skills. Flowing from the above, it is evident that the versatility and impart of Grassroots media under the leadership of Mr. Marlon Green cannot be overlooked. We believe that the publication of the press release in your editorial will go a long way in promoting not just us, but how far the entertainment industry and Arts has grown in our community. We believe we can be a standard of this growth and we hope you would put us into consideration. Should you wish to speak to senior executives at our company, or require additional information, I can be reached at email at directormarlongreen@gmail.com. Additional assistance with company or product photos can be requested at the same address. I have attached all necessary documents highlighting the awards and recognition mentioned above I know we will make a positive contribution to the society if given the right publicity. And we look forward to discussing our capabilities in more detail. We are available for a personal interview at your convenience. We understand that you are busy and have many applications to review, so please let us know if you would like to further discuss your requirements and our ability to meet them. Thank you for your time and
DIRECTOR MARLON GREEN IS AN EXPERT ADMINISTRATOR, ADVOCATE, HALL OF FAME PHOTOGRAPHER.Concept Developer, Cultural Events: Carnival, Comics Com, Fashion Shows, and Mardigras.
Director of Photography Magazine
Shot Caller Magazine
Affiliates: Honor Society of America, STEM NOLA, Photographic Society of America, US Army Veterans of New Orleans, Grassroots NOLA,


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