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Why Lindsey Vonn Is Living Her Best Life After Retirement


After trying to course-correct on her own for years with the help of Dr. Google, she shared, “I finally went to a doctor.”

Hers prescribed Quviviq, a nightly medicine for insomnia-ridden adults that has helped her score consistent, restful sleep. Though Vonn recommends speaking with your own physician about the best course of action, noting, “I’m not a doctor.”

But she is someone who’s done quite a bit of experimenting to discover her own ideal sleep environment and find a way to create it no matter what corner of the globe she finds herself in. “I just had to become so anal about it,” she acknowledged of her routine, that includes taking her dogs out for an evening walk.

“I think it’s good for your equilibrium and your brain, signaling that it’s nighttime,” Vonn explained of the practice, noting it also aids digestion so “I don’t have a glucose spike, which also affects my sleep.”

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