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Whoever Mark Zaborowski is, I’d love to shake his hand after he posted this Quora page description of Rep. Clay Higgins


Whoever Mark Zaborowski is, I’d love to shake his hand after he posted this Quora page description of Rep. Clay Higgins

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Mark Zaborowski


There are some similarities between the two politicians. Yes, Higgins is a down home Southern boy and Trump is an East Coast elitist. But they are both salesmen who love the spotlight and would-be hard asses who get off on threatening others. Neither man seems to have much respect for the “sanctity” of marriage; Trump has been married three times and Higgins four times. It goes without saying that both of them spout the Republican “party lines”. They are anti-everything – except guns. Everyone knows about Trump, but maybe it’s time to look into Clay Higgins.

Symbolism: redneck general shot macho promo at Dollar General

The Louisiana GOPer is the Representative of the state’s 3rd Congressional District. He has some college experience, but no degree. Before being elected to Congress in 2016, Higgins had been in the MP force of the National Guard, an automobile salesman, and had a checkered career as a police officer in three different jurisdictions. In his first cop job, he resigned before disciplinary action could be taken against him for police brutality and lying on incident reports. He went on to become a TV spokesman for another police force, where he often strayed from the script to identify and threaten “persons of interest” during broadcasts. He took advantage of his local fame to appear in ads for a security service while in uniform and using taxpayer-funded department equipment to run his own LLC selling shot glasses and T-shirts with his image. He has been sued for unpaid child support and may have hidden certain income from the IRS, though that has yet to be proven. Now that he is in Congress, however, the danger he poses as a violent authoritarian is becoming more evident.

Is the beard a disguise to avoid child support collectors?

When asked what he would do about Black armed protestors, he bragged that he would “drop 10 of them where they stood”. He did assault and physically move one protestor in another incident. As a devoted goose-stepper for the Radical Right segment of Congress, Higgins is a member of the Republican Study Committee and the Freedom Caucus. Consequently, he has been given seats on the prestigious Armed Services and Oversight Committees. As a former lawman, he has shown scant support for the Capitol Police who were assaulted and injured by the Trump-supporting thugs on Jan 6. He actually called for a lenient sentence for one of the rioters who attacked the LEOs with bear spray and shouted on video that they were bringing the violence and that this was “not a peaceful protest!” Higgins has spoken at events sponsored by the Oath Keepers and the Three percenters, even claiming to be one of the latter.

During a hearing, Clay Higgins was questioning FBI director Christopher Wray about some bizarre conspiracy theory concerning “ghost buses” bringing in FBI informants and undercover agents to provoke and promote the Jan 6 insurrection. Not getting the responses he wanted, Higgins threatened the director “Your day is coming”. More recently, he has sent the message to Special Counsel Jack Smith that his “days are numbered” when it comes to his investigation into Donald Trump’s criminality. At the moment Clay Higgins has no more power than any other Congressperson. But if he ever moved into a higher position, say as Speaker or Vice-President, he would be in line for the Presidency itself. Unlike Trump who is all bark, Higgins has proven that he is willing to bite. This is not a man that we want with his finger on any button but his TV remote.

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