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Young Putin was ‘sneaky’ boy who would ‘pull out kids’ hair in a fight’

VLADIMIR Putin would “fight to the end” during scraps at school as a child, his former classmates and teachers claim.

The Russian tyrant was branded “sneaky” and a “problem causer” by those who knew him in his younger years – decades before he waged war in Ukraine.

According to his former pals, Putin would terrorise his school in Leningrad’s Dzerzhinsky district and would “get into a frenzy” should anyone pick a fight with him.

His newly qualified form teacher, 26-year-old Tamara Chizova, said she was driven to despair by the “disorganised” youngster who would “definitely cause problems”, reports The Times.

With a rebellious streak in him, his childhood best friend Viktor Borisenko recalled Putin was the first to join a fight when one broke out.

He said: “He could get into a fight with anyone. He had no fear.

“It never occurred to him that the other boy was stronger and might beat him up.

“If some hulking guy offended him, he would jump straight at him — scratch him, bite him, pull out clumps of his hair.

“He wasn’t the strongest in our class, but in a fight he could beat anyone because he would get into a frenzy and fight to the end.”

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