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Ukraine LIVE: Putin warned inner circle is plotting ruthless ‘hammer blow’ assassination | World | News


About 1,000 people began a rally in the southern German town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, against the G7 summit that is being held nearby in Elmau, Bavaria.

The protest is accompanied by a massive police contingent, with a total of 18,000 police officers deployed in the region for the three-day meeting.

Part of the demonstration’s focus is on the fears that the Ukraine war will escalate.

They also call for Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government to step up work on the climate and an end to sexual violence.

Several G7 leaders have today praised Mr Scholz for his response to the Ukraine crisis.

US President Joe Biden told the German leader: “I want to compliment you on stepping up as you did when you became Chancellor.

“Putin’s been counting on it from the beginning, that somehow NATO and the G7 would splinter, but we haven’t and it’s not going to.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, meanwhile, expressed respect for how much Mr Scholz had done to increase defence spending in Germany.

He told CNN: “Never in my lifetime did I expect to see direct German military contribution to supporting another European country in the way that they are doing right now.

“Don’t forget also, the price that the Germans are paying in terms of moving away from Russian oil and gas.

“So, you know, could we all do more? Yes, we could all do more, we are going to do more.”

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