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The Spectacle Podcast: Biden’s Brand Is Chaos


There’s an awful lot – and we mean that in every way imaginable – going on in the world, and in this week’s Spectacle Podcast Melissa Mackenzie and Scott McKay dive into as much as they can fit in an hour and a half. It starts with the atrocities committed by the Palestinians in Gaza on Israeli civilians, which has brought on a war Melissa worries might expand into something much larger and less manageable than people think.

Of course, with Joe Biden in office as America’s so-called president, everything is larger and less manageable than people think.

From a teetering economy to a dysfunctional culture to a broken politics and a catastrophic foreign policy situation, Joe Biden’s brand is chaos. This week’s Spectacle takes him to task on that, but it’s not all negative – Scott reports from the electoral front lines, as there’s a primary statewide election in Louisiana on Saturday which might well result in a near-total wipeout of the Democrats in the Bayou State.

And finally, as Monday was Columbus Day, Melissa and Scott both take up the cause of the famous explorer against those who would replace him with Indigenous People’s Day.

It’s a fun episode despite Biden’s chaos all around. Check it out, and feel free to like, share and subscribe on all your podcast platforms!

Biden’s Brand Is Chaos – The Spectacle Podcast: Conservative Commentary (spectatorpodcast.com)



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