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Report: Massive Failures in FBI Trump Probe; TSA Tests Facial Recognition at Airports | NTD


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00:00 NTD News Today—5/16/2023
01:25 Report: Massive Failures in FBI Trump Probe
06:00 Giuliani Sued by Former Employee
06:45 House Panel Advances 3 Police Bills
08:20 McCarthy Decries Attack at Lawmakers Office
08:44 Biden Cancels Speech Honouring Fallen Officers
09:25 Veterans Moved from Hotel to Make Room for Illegal Immigrants?
10:45 TSA Testing Facial Recognition at Airports
13:06 Kentucky and Pennsylvania Primary Elections
13:48 Philadelphia Inquirer Hit by Cyberattack
14:33 SCOTUS to Hear Racial Gerrymandering Case
16:34 IRS Considering a Gov’t-Run Tax-Prep Option
17:11 Secretary Yellen Warns Again of U.S. Default
20:37 Biden Reveals Nomination to Top Health Agency
21:18 California Dumps Toxic Waste in Other States
22:24 1.5K Grams of Cocaine Found in Fake Belly
24:38 TikTok: Concerning Content for Teens
28:24 Chinese Spies Active in Belgium: Report
29:45 Chinese Graduates Struggle with Unemployment
31:55 China’s Economic Rebound ‘All Lies’
35:02 CIA Video Urges Russians to Get in Touch
35:43 France Abusing Protest Bans: Police Union
39:18 EU Lawmakers Agree on Tougher AI Rules
41:39 Making the 4-Day Week Work for Britain
44:11 Oxford Drops Sackler Name from Buildings
44:58 Banana Boxes of Drugs Found at Italian Port
47:31 Catalonian Town Imposes Swimming Pool Policy
50:11 Australian Cyclist Helps Cut Food Waste

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Report: Massive Failures in FBI Trump Probe; TSA Tests Facial Recognition at Airports | NTD

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