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Real Estate & The New Evangelization Conference – Dr. Jennifer Morel, SThD


The Importance of Place for Catholicism – Dr. Jennifer Morel

In this keynote speech given during the “Real Estate & The New Evangelization” held in Rome and co-hosted by the Global Institute of Church Management and the Fitzgerald Institute for Real Estate at the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Jennifer Morel, SThD, delves into the meaning of theology of place in Catholicism.

Exploring sacred scripture, the practice of the early Church in regards to ecclesial buildings and delving into homilies and writings from the early Church fathers and medieval theologians, Dr. Morel creates a clearer picture of what place real estate and properties should have for the Church and how this theology of place should impact the new evangelization.

In Dr. Morel’s own words, “by understanding better the Church’s ancient and ever new love of sacred spaces, the possibilities of real estate and the new evangelization should become much clearer and that more passionate.”

00:00:07 – 00:35:14 The Importance of Place for Catholicism
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