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Johnson, Scalise, Higgins predictably loyal to Republican neo-Fascist doctrine in casting ‘No’ votes to Santos ouster


Johnson, Scalise, Higgins predictably loyal to Republican neo-Fascist doctrine in casting ‘No’ votes to Santos ouster

Obviously, lying about your job history, education and athletic prowess, theft, using campaign funds for personal expenses, including casino visits, Botox treatments and porn surfing give one unchallenged qualification to serve in the US House of Representatives.

That is, if you go by the vote of 114 members of the House who voted No on the measure to expel miscreant member George Santos.

And if you go by the votes of three of Louisiana’s six House members.

Louisiana’s six members split evenly on the vote with Garret Graves, Julia Letlow and Troy Carter voting to evict and Speaker Mike Johnson, Steve “KKK” Scalise and Clay “Law and Order but Can’t Keep a Job” Higgins voting to give the boy another chance.

Only Julia Letlow, a Trump supporter, was an unknown quantity going in but she came through with her vote in favor of the boot. Johnson, Scalise and Higgins dutifully carried the banner of the neo-fascist sentiment now so prevalent in the Republican Party by voting No in lock-step. They may as well have been holding their right arms straight out, in a palms-down salute.

They are members in good standing of the family values party but lying, cheating, thieving and porn watching are acceptable activities so long as they are “free” to dictate what is taught in schools, what you read at the local library, who can and cannot vote and what you may or may not do with your body – if you are unfortunate enough to be a Handmaid’s Tale woman.

Thankfully, the effort to rid itself of the ugly Santos growth succeeded by a 311-114 vote. It was a rare bipartisan exercise, with 206 Democrats being joined by 105 Republicans to vote to oust the New York Republican. Two Democrats voted no and two more simply voted Present while three Democrats and five Republicans did not vote.

Santos, who is facing 23 felony counts, had survived two previous attempts to show him the door but he has been an open, festering wound almost from the day he was elected when a local Long Island newspaper had the audacity to check his street creds and found him lacking in forthrightness and honesty about his background.

In other words, he lied through his teeth.

The outcome of the Friday – and final vote, as it turned out – was pretty much a given. A House Ethics Committee report was pretty much the death knell for his chances of remaining in the body which has managed to survive the likes of Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Matt Gaetz and Gym Jordan – but not Santos, if indeed, that is his real name.

The House has a pretty low bar of tolerance as evidenced by the likes of the aforementioned quartet, and Paul Gosar, Rashida Tlaib, Scott Perry, Clay Higgins, Mike Johnson, Steve Scalise and Andy Biggs, to name just a few of the more controversial members.

But Santos was just too much, even for a clown car being driven by the likes of the current House makeup. Of those named, only House lightning rod Rashida Tlaib voted for Santos’s ouster.

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