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Major financial and insurance products and services include loans, financial services, investment advice, insurance products, transactions processing, trading financial instruments, and asset management. Financial and insurance firms create, liquidate, or change ownership of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, options, and insurance. Insurance accounts for about 50% of sector revenue, lending for about 35%, and securities services for about 15%. Full list of Media Credits http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/112143 Better Qualified has helped thousands build, manage, and monitor their credit since 2006. Our staff of credit experts work diligently trying to help you towards building a better credit score. Better Qualified has been successful in removing all derogatory accounts. Among them are : Late Payments, Charge Offs, Collections, Medical Collections, Student Loans, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Incorrect Information, and more! Better Qualified will help you achieve your optimal credit profile by making the credit restoration process quick, personal, and effective. Better Qualified CEO Paul Oster has been featured on numerous radio and TV broadcasts including CBS, NBC, News 12 NJ, and Pix 11. Paul is also a regular guest on Fox Business News and is often referred to as the “Nation’s Credit Repairman”. Due to Better Qualified, Americans can easily repair their credit score with effective and cheap credit services. Louisiana has 43,203.87 square miles of land area and 9,174.22 square miles of water area. As of 2010-2014, the total Louisiana population is 4,601,049, which has grown 2.96% since 2000. The population growth rate is much lower than the national average rate of 11.61%. Louisiana median household income is $44,991 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 38.15% since 2000. The income growth rate is higher than the national average rate of 27.36%. Louisiana median house value is $140,400 in 2010-2014 and has grown by 65.18% since 2000. The house value growth rate is higher than the national average rate of 46.91%. As a reference, the national Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation rate for the same period is 26.63%. Better Qualified is the team of professionals who are eager to help everyone who is in credit problems. Almost every American is struggling with judgments, charge offs, tax liens, bankruptcy, collections, incorrect information and so on. Bad credit is keeping almost everyone from getting a car, house and job. Better Qualified invites everyone to fight all those problems back. Better Qualified can help you with this. Just call the credit experts at special number and all the credit disaster will be over. Better Qualified team is sure that they can build your credit in up to six months. None should let bad credit keep you from the things you deserve. Better Qualified, LLC uses a dynamic approach to ensure clients are maximizing the benefits associated with higher credit scores. BQ will examine client’s current products and services that are directly related to their credit scores. Mortgages, Lines of Credit, Credit Cards, and Insurance are just some of the areas that will be evaluated to make sure clients are in a “better” place when they complete the program. The ultimate goal of the FREEDOM PACKAGE is to have the program pay for itself. Why pay more for every financial transaction for the rest of your life. “I would not have been able to buy my dream home without the help of Better Qualified.” R. Coleman. “I have suffered with bad credit and debt most of my life. Restoring my good name is all I have.
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