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Fatal Mid Air collision Kills Four. Here's Why. (and) Bryan, TX Corruption.


A win! City of Bryan Texas mayor Bobby Gutierrez decides to give the airplane back! Mayor Bobby Gutierrez instructs economic development director, City of Bryan, to place a call and get him out of this mess! See the video and recorded call with Bobby at the end of this video.

There have been 8 fatal GA crashes so far n the month of March. Here is the info on each.

AQP at EAA! EAA 611 March 20, 2023 Gainesville, GA

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Airmart Open House and AQP April 14, 2023
Lexington, KY

Purdue Aviation Day April 15, 2023
West Lafayette, IN

AQP and Bluegrass April 16, 2023
Dickson, TN

AQP and Ercoupes! June 2, 2023 https://www.ercoupe.org/

Learn about AQP for General Aviation with this free PDF, interactive videos on both FlightChops and Aviation 101 AQP Doc:

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