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Creative Health Podcast Episode 001 – Introduction — TahJah Harmony


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I seriously cannot believe I am typing the blog post to my very first Podcast! I’ve been talking about this idea for years, and I have been working on it for months – so to have it launched to the public is super exciting and a little nerve wrecking.

In this episode we discuss what this Podcast is about as well as a little bit about me, your host!

What is the Creative Health Podcast?

Well, It’s a place for likeminded professional artist to talk about the things they learned along the way to stay creatively healthy so that they can produce their best work. If you’ve turned your hobby into a professional career and have been wondering how to push past overwhelm to work from a place of consistency than this show is for you.

As creative professionals we don’t often get to talk about the valleys in our careers and focus more on the peaks (and that isn’t our WHOLE story) the weight we put on our work, the insecurities that go into our posts, and we often gain validation though the work we produce…After all, we don’t share our lows because we don’t want to be complaining or sound ungrateful  for literally living our dream jobs!

I’m looking forward to sharing these stories with you while we explore the idea of Creative Health together.

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Instagram: @tahjahharmony

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