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Was the mess with LSU’s football program not enough? What was GSU thinking with its attempt to hire ex-Baylor Briles?


Was the mess with LSU’s football program not enough? What was GSU thinking with its attempt to hire ex-Baylor Briles?

Art Briles is out before he ever set foot on campus but observers must be asking what in the world was Grambling State University head football coach Hue Jackson thinking in attempting to bring damaged goods onto campus in the first place?

Were it not for the protests of people like Grambling alumnus and former Super Bowl MVP quarterback DOUG WILLIAMS, the hiring of the former Baylor University head coach might actually have made it up to the University of Louisiana System’s board of supervisors where, hopefully, someone would’ve had the cajones to say hold on just a damned minute here.

Briles had been tentatively hired as the Grambling offensive coordinator, pending board concurrence. Offensive would’ve been the operative word in this case.

Briles is a coach who, like Les Miles and Ed Orgeron at LSU, came with considerable baggage in the form of allegations of sexual assault by as many as 19 of his players at Baylor.

The scandal at the Baptist-affiliated university cost Baylor President/Chancellor Kenneth Starr his job. Starr, who served as the self-righteous prosecutor of Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky Oval Office affair from June 2010 until May 2016.

Accused of “ignoring sexual assault issues on campus” by NPR, Starr on Aug. 19, 2016, resigned from his professorship at the Baylor Law School, completely severing his ties with the university. He next popped up in January 2020 as a member of Donald Trump’s legal team during his first impeachment trial.

What makes that especially interesting is the claim by LSU-Shreveport associate political science professor Jeff Sadow that Democrats were guilty of a double standard at a recent Mardi Gras event by going unmasked.

Baylor’s board of regents said Briles was aware of the sexual assault charges but failed to inform the school’s judicial affairs staff or the Title IX office in charge of coordinating the school’s response to sexual violence. In all, 17 separate sexual and domestic violence cases involving 19 football players were reported at the university between 2011 and 2016.

The NCAA investigated the claims against Briles and the Baylor program but stopped short of punishing him or the program.

Briles was the Baylor coach from 2008 to 2015. He is the author of the 2014 book Beating Goliath: My Story of Football and Faith.

The Grambling gig was not the only abortive job offer extended to Briles. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League hired him but let him go soon after his 2017 hire. Then, in 2019, University of Southern Mississippi head coach Jay Hopson attempted to hire him but USM President Rodney Bennett put the kibosh to that effort.

Briles did land a Texas high school coaching job for two seasons but nothing surprises us about Texas these days.

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