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Vote now: No 120Hz on vanilla iPhone 14, would you buy one?


The number of times a display refreshes its pixels is becoming more and more important in the modern smartphone reality. We all remember the resolution arms-race – a couple of years ago resolution was king, and every smartphone manufacturer strived to get that 4K display thing going.

Well, now that we’ve all agreed that everything above 1440p on a sub-7 inch device is overkill, it’s time to move to the next fashionable item in tech – display refresh rate. Now, I might be a bit too harsh with these sarcastic comments – there are use cases for 4K smartphone displays, and the same applies to high refresh rates.

Watching a 4K HDR movie at native resolution on let’s say a Sony Xperia 1 IV is a treat, no doubt but in most other cases phones have to lower their screen resolution in order to conserve battery life.

It’s absolutely the same with refresh rates – sometimes it’s a nice feature to have but if you’re mainly consuming YouTube videos, social media, chatting, etc. you might not see the difference (quite literally). That’s where LTPO displays come in – this tech allows smartphones to dynamically change refresh rate depending on the scenario.

If you’re reading a static text page, the refresh rate might go as low as 1Hz (1 refresh per second), but as soon as you interact with the display it will jump up to that buttery-smooth 120Hz.

Some people like this tech and swear by it, others aren’t sold on the feature and bet their money on better cameras, bigger batteries, etc. With the latest rumors that the next iPhone 14 series won’t feature a high refresh rate display on the vanilla model (and the Max for that matter), we’re curious to find whether or not this will influence your buying decision.

So, today’s poll is a simple one – would you buy the iPhone 14 if it doesn’t feature a high refresh rate display? Vote and share your thoughts on this flickering subject in the comments below.

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