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Tragic Things Found In Celebrity Autopsies


Celebrities might just be like us normal folks when it comes right down to it — but there’s something almost mythical about them, making even their mundane daily lives all the more fascinating. Fans just can’t get enough of these larger-than-life icons, keeping a close eye on everything from their creative projects to their social media presences — and, in some cases, even their private and personal lives.

Perhaps that’s why, when tragedy strikes and the world unexpectedly loses one of its great talents, it isn’t uncommon for the public to seek out every last detail about their untimely death. And, as tragic as the sudden death of a beloved celebrity can be, the specifics tend to be even more heartbreaking. These are tragic things found in celebrity autopsies.

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Heather O’rourke | 0:00
David Carradine | 1:16
Amy Winehouse | 2:29
Michael K. Williams | 3:38
George Michael | 4:55
Heath Ledger | 6:04
Junior Seau | 7:25
Natalie Wood | 8:31
Lucille Ball | 9:56
John Bonham | 11:15
Anna Nicole Smith | 12:18

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