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Time Lapse Video Of Flooding Caused By the Hurricane In Buras, Louisiana


This incredible time-lapse video shows flooding in Louisiana following the recent Hurricane.

The U.S. Geological Survey time lapse video shows flooding taking place in Buras in Louisiana “as #HurricaneIda made landfall August 29”.

When USGS field crews deployed storm-tide sensors in advance of Hurricane Ida last month to measure the storm’s coastal surge, they also installed a camera at a field site in southeastern Louisiana to record the storm as it passed over the GulfCoast.

As the video demonstrates, Ida brought significant flooding to parts of coastal Louisiana when it made landfall.

Even though this site was not among the hardest-hit areas in the state, USGS storm-tide sensors recorded a provisional water level of approximately five feet above land surface, which is high enough to potentially cause structural damage to homes, buildings, and other infrastructure.

The time-lapse video visually captures information that USGS scientists can pair with the water data collected by storm-tide

29 August 2021; Buras, LA; Source: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

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