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TIF For Condos In Philly & Dr Oz Gets Dunked On By Fetterman


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00:00:00 – Fancy Condo Development Gets TIF and Tax Abatement
00:04:30 – Reporters Kicked Out of Uvalde City Hall Meeting
00:05:53 – Mike From PA Prediction – Fetterman Is The Future
00:09:16 – TikToker Gets Indecent Exposure Ticket In Louisiana
00:10:15 – TYT Ana Kasparian & Emma Vigeland On Fetterman, Oz
00:24:57 – Philly Cheesesteak – Cheese Wiz
00:29:51 – Oz On Roe v Wade

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About Mike From PA: #MikeFromPA is a political commentator and democratic socialist who streams daily on the central_committee Twitch stream. He gained entry into the political world by volunteering, protesting, organizing and later working on political campaigns including running for state senate in Pennsylvania himself. On Twitch He made a name for himself by exposing Destiny for his ignorance about electoral politics and economics. He later sparked controversy when he advocated for Sewer Socialism during a debate with the liberal streamer Vaush. Mike regularly appears on The Majority Report, TYT, and Hasan Piker’s twitch.tv/hasanabi Live stream.

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