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The Ninjanation Report: Wal-Mart Low on Oil, Fuel Theft & Rates


In the Ninja Nation report we cover no oil at walmart. people are stealing fuel and gas, and what we can do about it. Interest rates are creeping up in Australia. SHTF PREP NOW. as ALDI just closed stores will lead to Limits at walmart and food shortages at aldi have started to spread all over the country. Soon we will see shortages like aldi no food or no food at aldi . Learn from people like pinball preparedness or appalachia homestead check their channels out. Prepping for shtf is more important than ever now. Prep now to stay prepared in a hectic world. Lots people have been saying there is no fruit at walmart or aldi empty shelves. We all have seen empty shelves at walmart and empty shelves at costco. Empty shelves are at almost every store from supply chain disruptions. Prep for shtf now before its too late. What are you doing to get prepared on your homestead? Are you a prepper like canadian prepper ? shtf is here.
Turn your 401(k) or your IRA into physical gold and silver. The price of metals have been beat down. It might be a good time to make the swap.
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Hey guys here’s a link to the Telegram https://t.me/c/1790733998/1199

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor.. Im a welder with life & Investment experience. I hope to bring value to your life! Do your own research!!!


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