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Over the years of editing marathons I have a few quick tips to help you be productive (and sane!) while spending most of your day in front of the computer!

Morning ME Time

I firstly do my morning routine, and I ALWAYS no matter what change out of what I was sleeping in (even if I change into more PJs!) After that I make some coffee and either sit in my favorite chair in my sunroom, or in the backyard and drink my coffee without looking at the screen.

Check E-mail Get Tasks Done

The very next thing I do is I spend time getting all my e-mail done, and any other additional tasks like dropping off packages, going to the bank, making my bed, etc.

Turn off Notifications

Once my e-mail is checked I will put my computer and phone on DO NOT DISTURB mode.

Edit to Entertainment

I recommend long format entertainment like an hour long podcast, TED talk, or Netflix episode. This keeps my mind engaged while I work and also on a set timer. After working for an hour I will give myself a break to walk around, get more coffee, prep a snack and give my eyes a rest from the screen.

Make Healthy Snacks + get the Crockpot going

In the morning I start a roast so that I can have dinner by the end of the day I usually don’t like to eat meals while I’m editing…but I will snack a lot! My favorite things to snack on apples+peanut butter, hummus and bell peppers, and all the popcorn.

Workout MID day

This is a hard one because I love working out early in the morning – but if I take a late afternoon class it gives me a reason to not be in front of my screen for an hour and a half. Which makes me feel more motivated to get back to editing. I usually take a Pure Barre or a Yoga class so I don’t get too sweaty or have to think about my workout.

Upload + E-mail galleries in bulk

This is my favorite productive time-savor. Organize all your exports in folders – and when you get a bulk done upload them during your break and prepare your e-mails (Make sure you have an e-mail template you can customize to save more time!)

So yeah, here are my editing tips to keep you sane while being in front of the computer all day! Because of these little routines I actually really look forward to my editing marathons and can keep pretty focused and productive.

Do you have any tips on how you survive editing marathons? I would love to know.

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