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STR Hack: Turn ANYTHING into a rentable amenity


Okayyyyy Rachel,

Allow me to bless you with an STR Hack on this fine morning

If you own (or plan to own) a luxury short-term investment property, you can actually think outside the box and get very creative with making

Of course, the most obvious way is to book your property for short-term rental guests (that’s the whole point of having an investment property, after all)

Between bookings, you can also rent out your airbnb as a coworking space or photoshoot location. Write that down!

But the least-known strategy of all…

Is that you can also turn almost anything you own into a high-end, rentable amenity guests will happily pay top dollar for.


Curious? Got questions? Want to know more? Good!

On Tuesday, March 14th at 7:15PM, I’m going live right here with Madison Rifkin of Mount to talk details on how you can turn anything you own into a rentable amenity for your STR property.

You’ll discover…

The art behind upselling guests to increase your profit per guest
(You’ll also discover what upsells are in case you don’t already know )
How to elevate your guest experience so you can snag 5 -star reviews and charge more per night
The kind of insurance you need to offer cool, unique experiences while covering all your bases
And more—because you’ll have the opportunity to ask her ANY questions you may have about creatively upselling luxury experiences
Once again, we’re going live tomorrow at 7:15PM right here (as always).

See you then!



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