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Solana Saga is a special phone for our bright crypto future


Cryptocurrencies around the world have been in the red zone for the past couple of weeks but this doesn’t mean that the blockchain technology won’t fight back – at some point, at least. When the time comes, you better be ready!

That’s what the CEO of cryptocurrency company Solana Labs thinks – Anatoly Yakovenko and his company announced last week that a new Android smartphone will enter the market next year – the Solana Saga.

This phone is actually a rebrand of another controversial device – the spiritual successor to the Essential Phone – the OV1. Some of the specs include 512GB of storage, 12GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 SoC.

Now, we had crypto-oriented phones before – some of you might remember the HTC Exodus One – which is now just a peculiarity in the museum of smartphone history  (although the phone can be purchased for just 219 euro today).

Back to the Solana Saga – the phone will come equipped with something called Solana Mobile Stack. It consists of three separate tools – a Mobile Wallet Adapter, a Seed Vault and Solana Pay. The first one is a way to connect a hardware Solana wallet to your phone, then there’s the vault which will take care of the security of your crypto.

Solana Pay is pretty self-explanatory – just like Apple Pay, or Google Pay, this will be your way to pay with Solana or other crypto, or use them to secure the transactions. According to Anatoly, Solana Saga will solve the problem of people needing to pull heavy laptops to deal with NFTs and crypto.

The exact specs and price tag of the Solana Saga phone remain a mystery but rumor has it that the phone will cost exactly $1,000 when it hits the market in the beginning of 2023.

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