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#SocialAgency Hangout – Telling Your Story


Andy Headworth, Bill Boorman, Louis Welcomme and Robin Schooling discuss ‘telling your story’ in the second #SocialAgency Hangout – hosted by Colleague Software – http://www.colleague.eu/media/view/socialagency-hangout-telling-your-story

#SocialAgency hangouts, hosted by Louis Welcomme from Colleague Software and Bill Boorman feature a variety of different guests and themes streamed live on Google+ Air and Youtube.

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#SocialAgency Hangout Participants:

Bill Boorman – @BillBoorman – #Tru unconference disorganiser, recruitment technology and social recruiting consultant.

Andy Headworth – @Andyheadworth – Consultant On Integrating Social Media Into Recruitment Strategies.

Robin Schooling – @RobinSchooling – VP Human Resources, Louisiana Lottery Corporation

Louis Welcomme – @ColleagueRS – Marketing and PR Executive at Colleague Software with a special interest in social media and online marketing.

Social media is all about stories, and the best social agencies have learnt how to tell their stories in the public domain. Story telling used to be the domain of the copywriters, PR companies and journalists. To make your story was expensive and seen as the domain of a few. You know the companies who always seemed to get published, always won the awards and always got talked about? Story telling cost, and was out of the reach (and budget) of the average agency. Getting your story out was rarely about who had the best story, but who knew the people to tell it. Times have changed though. Now things are different. Anyone can share a story, and anyone can tell it well.

From twitter to blogs, there are on-line venues built for storytelling. Story told by tweet, by video, by images, audio and word.

In this webinar we will be looking at how recruitment companies are telling and sharing stories across the net, and getting noticed. Getting noticed by candidates, clients and influencers in their chosen market. Using stories to build their brand, win business and generate revenue.

Join the conversation on:

– Twitter: Tweet with #SocialAgency or contact us @ColleagueRS – http://www.twitter.com/ColleagueRS

– Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/socialagencyadvice

– Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/109099256635816727068

– Louis Welcomme’s Goolge+ page: https://plus.google.com/116180529262468890690/posts


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