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See the Moment Andy Cohen Dropped His First F-Bomb on WWHL


A Watch What Happens Live first.

Andy Cohen got so heated on the Jan. 3 episode of his late-night Bravo talk show that he accidentally swore on live TV—and even he was shocked by the gaffe. The hilarious moment went down during the host’s nightly “Jackhole” segment in which he denounces a news story or buzzworthy headline of the day.

“It goes to the viral TikTok trend where people pull a hilarious prank by telling their parents their favorite celebrity has suddenly died,” Andy began his monologue. “Now, for the last two weeks people have been sending me videos of their loved ones being told I’m dead.”

And the bevy of social media messages did not go over well with the Bravo star.

“I have no desire to experience people’s reaction to me dying,” he continued. “I am scared enough of dying in reality without having to watch bizarre simulations of it over and over again. So, let me be clear: don’t make, distribute or tag me in any f–king…”

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