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REACTING to Louisiana State Penitentiary (Angola) guilty are not guilty


I came cross this random video about Angola this one story really stood out about inmate Vincent Simmons who was actually found NOT guilty Feb. 2022 45 yrs laters i had no clue of this reacting . It really shows the bias racism in Louisiana from the parole board down to the average everyday person. This was from 90’s but racism/bias doesn’t go away it just camouflages itself. Besides 2 bigots THE BLACK MAn Brother MAyne My ni44a REALLY SHOWS THe MindSET OF ALOT OF OUR PEOPLE . Here’s a black MAN showing ive been falsely accused 20YRS NOW. I GOT evidence !! You seen the victim n the other member show bias against me . THE FIRST THING come outta your Mouth black mayne “After 20 years he could make up a story ” comeeee on NOW we gotta do better we got to many opps againt us !!!!!

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-material with “strong language”


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