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Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and Dudu Tassa Share New “Taq ou-Dub” Video: Watch


Jonny Greenwood and Dudu Tassa have shared a live performance video of another song from their upcoming collaborative album, Jarak Qaribak, which is due out June 9 via World Circuit. This one’s for the standard “Taq ou-Dub,” and it features Palestinian vocalist Nour Freiteikh. Watch it below.

“The first song we recorded for this project was ‘Taq ou-Dub,’” Greenwood and Tassa said in a statement. “It’s an old Lebanese song, now performed by Nour Freteikh, and, in fact, it was the starting point for the entire album, connecting Ramallah, Tel Aviv, Beirut, and Oxford. Nour, such an incredible singer, first recorded her vocal track remotely but eventually the three of us got together in person to rehearse and perform—and connect properly. We feel very lucky—and very proud—to have made a song, and a friendship, with such a remarkable musician as Nour.”

“It was a nice opportunity to work with and learn from artists from other places,” Nour Freteikh added. “The song is very special; it’s an old one with a great tune. We enjoyed making it our own.”

Greenwood and Tassa have previously shared visuals for “Ya Mughir al-Ghazala,” which features Karrar Alsaadi, and “Ashufak Shay” with Lebanese singer Rashid Al Najjar. Tassa and Greenwood are set to perform at Pitchfork Music Festival London on Friday, November 10.

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