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Quote Of The Day, February 1, 2022


“One of the enduring failures of capitalist America which will someday, hopefully, be remedied at long last is that the motion picture industry has never made the biopic of Karl Marx that man truly deserves. I don’t say this from a Marxist perspective, in case you misunderstand. What the modern public needs to see of Marx was what an utter, unmitigated oxygen thief he truly was. If some filmmaker of a conservative or non-Marxist bent were to give Marx the treatment Hollywood has given various conservative or Republican figures – Roy Cohn, Nixon, George W. Bush – there’s a chance the public might get a sour taste in its mouth for a profoundly meritless, degenerate little man whose philosophy reflects his own lifestyle. Namely, that Marx was a leech, and Marxism is a philosophy for leeches.”

– The Revivalist Manifesto, Chapter 5

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