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Prisoner accused of smuggling drugs into jail, leading to inmate’s death


Cameron Seal, left, and Prentis Slocum (Photo: WWLTV)

WASHINGTON PARISH – Two inmates were arrested after another inmate died when they all took drugs together in prison.

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office told WWL-TV that 42-year-old Prentis Slocum his narcotics inside his body before he was transferred from the Pike County jail in Mississippi to Washington Parish on Feb. 1.

Slocum then consumed the drugs with inmates Cameron Seal, 21, and Brandon Williams, 31, directly leading to Williams’ death, according to police.

Slocum now faces one charge of second-degree murder. Seal faces one count of accessory to second-degree murder.

Authorities are awaiting the results from Williams’ autopsy to continue their investigation.

“This is a serious matter and these are very serious charges for Slocum and Seal,” Sheriff Randy Seal said. “Some may ask why the narcotics were not discovered on Slocum when he was booked into our jail. While we may legally search inmates, we are forbidden by the federal courts to conduct body cavity searches except under very special circumstances and with an order from a court.”

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