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Personal 2020 Word of the Year — TahJah Harmony


I came across a quote that said, “Pay attention to who you are when you feel your best”. And for me that is usually when I’m playing. It could be playing with my friends and family (“playing” is what I call “hanging-out”), but most importantly it reminds me of playing music or a performance, which has more of a structure to it. When you hear that you are playing a part in a performance. (Did I just add structure to the word play…of course, I did!)

This year I am hoping to play creatively in my art, and do more personal projects and not just focus on commission based work, because that will just make my eye that much better for my commercial work.

I am hoping to not take my “Instagram” So seriously, and add more posts that are because I think it’s fun and meaningful, and not care so much about how it looks on my feed.

I am hoping to play music and to perform more, this one seems like the more challenging piece of the puzzle. But I’m usually feeling my best when I’m dancing or jamming with no rhyme or reason.

So yeah there goes my word for 2020! I hope you are inspired to add elements of play in your life this year, even if it isn’t your word.

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