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Ordered a Pixel 7 with trade-in? Pay close attention to your purchase confirmation!


During the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro’s launch, Google had an amazing trade-in offer that brought the prices of its new flagship phones down by a significant margin. Of course, that discount depended on the type and condition of said device you had to trade with, but any price cut is welcomed nonetheless.Unfortunately, though, it seems that Google has some issues it needs to take care of regarding its trade-in system. Why? Well, as the folks at AndroidPolice state in their report of this, a notable number of customers (including people from their team) have ended up paying the full price for their new Pixel 7, despite having ordered it with trade-in. The phones simply do not arrive with an extra box to send your device.According to Google’s customer support, the only way to rectify this problem is by returning the phone in the standard return period, which is 15 days, getting a refund, and then ordering it again while making sure that the trade-in option is selected. Suffice to say, this is not an ideal solution to such a serious issue.

It seems that the only way to make sure whether everything has worked out the way you wanted it to during your purchase is by taking a look at the confirmation that comes afterwards. If you have selected a trade-in but you don’t see it as part of your order, then you have about 60 minutes to correct said order.

It might also be a good idea to record your screen while making the purchase, and have something to show to customer support just in case of this or other discrepancies. Google is no stranger to such bugs in the past, so it wouldn’t hurt to have that extra bit of reassurance, especially for a pricey piece of tech.

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