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New Orleans Firebombing Over Louisiana Solar Power Runoff Election?


A firebombing in New Orleans may be related to Louisiana’s solar energy policy, which will be determined by a runoff election for Louisiana Public Service Commission. With utilities companies still hopeful to lock citizens out of producing and selling solar energy back to the market, some are speculating that the arson at the home of Mario Zervigon (which destroyed two cars and killed his family cats) could have been a threat against the political fundraiser for raising money for the campaign of Forest Wright. Wright is seeking a seat on the Public Service Commission and has taken a position of advocacy for citizens having the right to produce and sell their own solar power. We discuss the strange circumstances of the crime, and follow the money that is being spent to settle an election that could have a huge impact on the energy policy of Louisiana in this Lip News with Mark Sovel and Elliot Hill.


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