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New book describes taxpayer’s frustrating fight with IRS


New book describes taxpayer’s frustrating fight with IRS

Anyone who has ever had a bad experience with the IRS (is there any other kind of experience?), anyone who has ever been audited, or anyone who has ever even paid income taxes will want to read my latest book.

It’s All TheIRS is the story of Scott Tanner who is assessed penalties and interest totaling more than $600,000 because of the failure of a former business partner to pay his taxes. When he learns that the deadbeat’s ex-wife is being assessed the same amount, in effect allow the IRS to collect twice on a single debt, he decides to fight back.

It’s All TheIRS chronicles the pair’s battle with an agency that refuses to listen to reason or to accept their explanations. The book is fiction, of course (no one in his right mind chooses to fight the IRS), but it contains numerous actual events in which the agency steamrolls its victims. One example is the story (true) about the IRS padlocking a day care center because of a tax liability. When parents came to get their children, the IRS attempted to force the parents to sign promissory notes to pay the day care’s penalties.

The cover design is by Jeanette Herren of West Monroe and it features a photo of the U.S. Treasury.

To see the cover, click here:

You can order a copy of the book by clicking on the DONATE button in the column to the right of this post and pay $25 by credit card or you may sent a $25 check to Tom Aswell, P.O. Box 922, Denham Springs, Louisiana 70727

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