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NBA Fans React To What Colin Cowherd Said About Michael Jordan


Owner of the Charlotte Hornets, Michael Jordan, watches on during their game against the Atlanta Hawks at Time Warner Cable Arena on November 1, 2015 in Charlotte, North Carolina. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.
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NBA analyst Colin Cowherd just took Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan to task and questioned the “mythology” around him.

On his podcast, Cowherd said, “Take out Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson, this whole Michael Jordan mythology is sort of just that.”

Cowherd tried to minimize Jordan’s greatness and instead said that other factors were at work for all his success.

He knew exactly what he was doing when he made this statement and, sure enough, the responses were everywhere.

Cowherd has definitely struck a hornet’s nest with his words.

Some people, like Twitter user liam Butterscotch, simply wanted to stay away from the statement and the number of angry responses that were coming in.

He posted a GIF of someone covering his ears and attempting to avoid the situation.

Other people wanted to honestly challenge Cowherd’s opinion.

Lob Ties said that “Michael Jordan is the reason ppl around him were successful. MJ made phil. MJ made Pippen…MJ made those around him successful.”

Others thought the whole thing was a little more than a joke and just a way to garner views and podcast downloads.

“Another cringe Jordan take,” said Namor.

“Ratings must be down,” said another unimpressed Twitter user.

While most of the responses to Cowherd’s opinion were negative, some were positive.

“Colin hit it right on the head. For MJ, there is a mystique to his greatness. But he never shared the game or his knowledge for future payers that will come into the game,” said Anthony.

The debate around Jordan will rage for years to come and Cowherd’s hot take won’t be the last one.

No matter what, opinions on this subject will always remain intense and controversial.

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