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More questions about those ‘sanitized’ LSP phones


More questions about those ‘sanitized’ LSP phones

As a follow-up to the ongoing – and expanding – Ronald Greene saga, it was recently disclosed that State Police cell phones were erased, or “sanitized” en masse in accordance with some obscure policy that had never been invoked prior to last July.

It’s more than a little interesting to note that this policy was suddenly put into place just as the investigation into the beating death of Greene on May 10, 2019

“Prior to July 2021,” Louisiana State Police (LSP) said in response to a public records request by former attorney Ashton O’Dwyer, “LSP did not have a policy specific to sanitizing phones when they were returned to the Department from employees (emphasis mine). At that time, pursuant to Section II, I, (2) of the DPS Property Control Procedure Manual, LSP followed the State Office of Technology Services policy, which requires the sanitization of all state employee assigned phones upon their return to each respective state department under the Office of Technology Services. Both policies are attached for your review and provide for the sanitization of data from electronic devices.”

Those words in boldface are critical. Phones are generally “returned” only upon separation from duty (retirement, resignation, termination) or when newer upgraded phones are purchased and even then, the data is required to be transferred to any new phone assigned the individual.

There’s just one little problem with that. Lt. Col. Doug Cain, the second in command and one in position to steer the direction of the investigation into Greene’s death, also had his phone “sanitized.”

And he has not resigned, retired or otherwise terminated his employment with LSP.

Just sayin’.

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