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Meeting the Internal Affairs Lt Williams in Natchitoches, Louisiana


Police policies are hard to get.. Chief Nikeo Collins must authorize their availability to the public. I still haven’t gotten anything on that yet. it’s a shame the police decided to make a public record so hard to get. it’s a public record that you have to beg them for. still another example of their obstruction of Due Process, which creates prejudice in your defense against their claims.

Sure, the cops are very happy and forthcoming with presenting your criminal charges and making information about the description of the charge easy to look up. But anything that will allow scrutiny of the cops behavior is made harder to access. The level of difficulty for police policies only increase the level of prejudice against your case.

When you need to learn about the cops who are charging you with a crime, and the research comes across delays and obstructions, then that creates prejudice and interferes with our 14th Amendment Right to Due Process.

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