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Marketing to Generation Z: Your Clients are Micro-Influencers


Here’s the latest By the Numbers chat with Renee Bowen and some of the highlights from our conversation that took place in the Photography Marketing Mastermind Group. If you haven’t already joined, please head over and join today. It’s a great group of motivated, professional photographers who are learning and sharing the ins-and-outs of marketing and running a successful photography business. There are lots of great conversations happening and more live chats planned!

Renee Bowen is an expert high school senior photographer from Santa Clarita, CA. While many photographers are reporting a decline in demand for high school senior portraits, Renee continues to average 55 sessions each year with an average sale of $3,500. Tune in to hear how she created a market where there wasn’t one and how she’s used word of mouth, social media, partnerships, and an influencer program over the past thirteen years to create a thriving business that caters to the specific and unique needs of Gen Z.

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