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LouisianaVoice fundraiser in final week


LouisianaVoice fundraiser in final week

LouisianaVoice‘s April fundraiser is now in the stretch run as we move into the final week. You’ll gave relief from my shameless panhandling until October.

I hate having to come to you this way, but there are certain expenses involved in following the actions of our political leaders – actions and events that others in the media choose to ignore or brush over lightly with touch-and-go coverage. It’s important that some issues not be allowed to die a quiet death and disappear from the radar.

Louisiana State Police come to mind immediately. Had the story of that illegal pension bill for the former LSP superintendent not been pursued, along with all the other stories that emerged from that one story, the Ronald Greene matter might forever have been kept under wraps.

Had a single story been devoted to the Louisiana State Dental Board, it may have gone on running roughshod over dentists who board members found in disfavor.

Had LouisianaVoice and James Gill not stayed with the story of Ashton O’Dwyer, the back story of the plot to sue the US Army Corps of Engineers might never have come to light.

That’s what we do and there are costs involved in keeping this ship afloat. Please contribute what you can by clicking on the yellow DONATE button to the right of this post to give by credit card or send a check to: Capital News Service, P.O. Box 922, Denham Springs, Louisiana 70727. Those contributing $100 or more will received a signed copy of my novel It’s All TheIRS, the story of a man who takes on the IRS with surprising results.

As always, thanks so much for your 11 years of support.

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