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Louisiana's COMEBACK: Fiscal Reforms, School Choice, Tech FREEDOM, & More w Daniel Erspamer | Ep. 39


On today’s episode of the “Let People Prosper” show, which was recorded on March 31, 2023, I’m thankful to be joined by Daniel Erspamer, CEO of the Pelican Institute for Public Policy in Louisiana.

We discuss the Pelican Institute’s “Louisiana’s Comeback Agenda” which includes:

1) What are the biggest barriers impeding Louisiana’s growth and fueling its net out-migration;
2) How the complicated tax code burdens Louisianans and why it needs an overhaul that includes responsible budgeting; and
3) How there’s a need to advance school choice, unleash new technologies, and much more to empower individuals, parents, families, and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and flourish.

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