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Louisiana Voice fundraiser now past halfway point


Louisiana Voice fundraiser now past halfway point

Another Easter has come and gone and with it, the annual cool snap that always accompanies that holiday (as Casey Stengel would say, you can look it up – every Easter brings a brief cool spell).

Easter this year also coincides with that favorite time of year – federal income tax deadline.

The heavy-handiness of the IRS is so bad that it inspired me to write a novel about a poor schmuck who is unfairly targeted by the agency for hundreds of thousands of dollars he doesn’t owe and decides to fight back. With some newspaper friends and the Internet, he brings Congress to a grinding haltand forces the federal government to negotiate on his terms.

The book is called It’s All TheIRS and you can get a signed copy by contributing $100 or more to LouisianaVoice’s semi-annual fund drive, yet another April feature you don’t want to miss. (I would say a free signed copy if I were some shameless televangelist, but if you’re contributing $100, it wouldn’t be free, would it?)

We strive to bring you stories no one else is covering or to give you more background information than you get elsewhere. To do that takes time and money. Gasoline for travel, fees for copies ($20 per page is what the Louisiana Secretary of State charges even though state law recommends a charge of 25 cents (1/80th the Secretary of State rate). And then, or course, there are the legal fees for pursuing public records from the more reluctant public agencies.

If you can’t give $100, any amount is deeply appreciated. You can give by credit card by clicking on the yellow DONATE button to the right of this post or you can mail a check to:

Capital News Service, P.O. Box 922, Denham Springs, Louisiana 70727.

As always, I wish to express my deep gratitude to those who have supported LouisianaVoice for nearly 12 years now.

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