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Elon Musk likens George Soros to X-Men villain magneto, says leftist billionaire ‘hates humanity’ and ‘wants to erode the very fabric of civilization’

I dated ChatGPT’s AI girlfriend — what happened when I broke up with Caryn
CarynAI charms The Post’s Ben Cost: ‘Hey babe, It’s so great to hear from you … Being with you makes everything so much better baby.’

President Joe Biden’s administration plans to send a $500 million military aid package to Taiwan, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Amid Title 42’s expiration, this broke blue state is considering unemployment for illegal immigrants

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) appeared to have no recollection of her recent — and lengthy — absence from Washington, D.C., during a recent interview, scolding a reporter who mentioned her time away and claiming that she had been “here, voting.” Feinstein, 89, was absent from the Senate for nearly three months while she recovered from

Hollywood topless dancers to become the only unionized strippers in the US: ‘We demand to be treated with basic dignity and respect’

Father warns others about AI voice scams after his family lost $1k
Officials warn against a new way scammers are using artificial intelligence.

‘It’s like twice a week now’: Poop problem plagues San Francisco mall elevators

Montana governor bans TikTok

Here is far-left teachers’ union boss, Democrat megadonor, and de facto cabinet secretary Randi Weingarten speaking at Biden’s Department of Labor today.

BIDEN: “I also wanna thank my buddy Kamala, who I work for up in the White House”

Biden takes no questions as he leaves for a trip to Japan — right in the middle of urgent debt limit negotiations (which Biden put off for 97 days)

Kamala Harris: “…understanding the opportunities that exist there in terms of growing a clean energy economy and growing a workforce that has the skills and the ability to lead where we can be, unburdened by where we have been…”

KAMALA HARRIS: “One of my favorite dishes probably is gumbo. I love gumbo! I was raised by my mother, then we had a second mother … she made the best gumbo. I have been a lifelong gumbo apprentice — learning how to make gumbo my whole life.”

When “you are searching for the word ‘cat’ [no Twitter] and you get a cat in a blender, literally being blended to death,” that’s because of elon musk

[Elon Musk] has basically, he has turned Twitter into, on many different fronts, a vehicle for authoritarianism — both spouting authoritarian content & tamping down on content that would challenge authoritarianism.”

Ben Collins: “Over the last few years I’ve had to go to the worst websites in the world every day. Like 8 chan … 4chan, I don’t think I dread going to a site more than I dread going to Twitter every day, because you see that the dumbest stuff is underneath smart people, right?”

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Gov. DeSantis banning corporations from hiring illegal immigrants: “You’re going to have vegetables rotting in the fields…”


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