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IGFamousByDana Talks About Exposing Plastic Surgery, Photo Filters and Lying on Social Media


Have you ever wondered what celebrities had work done and lie about it? What about secrets to editing pictures and videos by some of your favorite influencers? How can you tell who had work done, what they do to their photos and videos, and if it is all real or not? Is all of this causing higher rates of depression and anxiety?

This week Joey Thurman sits down with Dana Omari (IGFamousByDana). She is a believer in preventive nutrition. She is a member of the American and TexasAcademies of Nutrition and Dietetics. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at the University of Tennessee –Knoxville, completing her dietetic internship at Louisiana Tech University. She’s also a member of both the American and the Texas Academies of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Now she’s a registered dietician, works at a med spa, has an eye for picking out deficiencies in social media. Her Instagram account IGfamousbyDana pulls the curtain back on celebrities and influencers. She created her page when she realized people don’t know much about cosmetic procedures, and what they do know tends to be riddled with misinformation due to the taboo nature of having cosmetic procedures done and the lack of transparency by those in the public eye concerning their beauty, skin and health routines.

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Joey Thurman is highly sought-after health, fitness, and nutrition expert and a celebrity trainer. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), Barefoot Training Specialist (BTS), and a Functional Integrated Training Kickboxing Specialist.

Joey was named one of the top three favorite celebrity trainers by NEWBEAUTY.com and awarded the title of the best trainer in Chicago by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Joey is the host of the podcast, Fad or Future, where he talks with experts about healthy lifestyle, innovative products, food and diets (paleo, keto, cookie diet), medicinal (ketamine therapy, IV drips, micro-dosing), biohacking, and more.

On each episode of Fad or Future, Joey reveals what is the next healthy future and what is just another fad, giving you clarity and understanding on the topic discussed.



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