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How Jamie Lee Curtis Honored Daughter Ruby on Trans Day of Visibility


And while Ruby, a video editor for a gaming company, has largely stayed out of the public spotlight, she said, “I’m happy to be more visible if it helps others.”

“Helping others is something everyone should do,” Ruby added. “I don’t think it’s only our household thing. It should be a human thing.”

In May 2022, Ruby tied the knot with her partner Kynthia in a cosplay wedding. For the World of Warcraft-themed nuptials, which was held in the backyard of the family home, Jamie Lee dressed up as video game character Jaina Proudmoore to officiate the ceremony.

“WIFE IS SWEET,” Jamie Lee captioned a photo of herself posing next to the newlyweds, who were also decked out in costumes. “YES THEY DO AND DID! MARRIED!”

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