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How Four Singles from NYC Find Love and Adventure in Swiping America


Max has released the official trailer for its upcoming romantic documentary series Swiping America, which follows four singles from New York City as they travel across the country in search of love and connection. The series, which premieres on June 15, is created and executive produced by Johnnie Ingram and Stephen Warren, who describe it as a “true-to-life romantic documentary…aka ROM DOC”. The show aims to capture the initial stages of love and human connection mixed with real singles who are frustrated with swiping in their city, but still optimistic that their person is out there. The trailer introduces the four cast members: Ashleigh Warren, a social media strategist for influencers and creators; Kesun Lee, a real estate agent; Ryan Smith, a fitness instructor; and Zoe Jones, a fashion designer. They each share their hopes and fears about dating and reveal what they are looking for in a partner. The trailer also showcases the eight cities that the cast will visit during their journey: Asheville, North Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; Austin, Texas; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Boulder, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; and Honolulu, Hawaii. Each city offers a different vibe and culture for the singles to explore and meet potential matches. The trailer promises a lot of fun, adventure, romance, drama, and surprises as the cast members swipe their way through America. Will they find their soulmates or just more disappointment? Will they discover something new about themselves or each other? Will they fall in love with a city or a person? Swiping America is a unique dating show that celebrates diversity, authenticity, and vulnerability. It is not about going from zero to marriage, but about finding genuine connections in unexpected places. It is a show for anyone who has ever swiped right or left on a dating app and wondered if there is more to love than just a profile picture.



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